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Weddings in Post Pandemic Year

Well first and foremost....Faces! Handshakes! Hugs! Kisses! and more Hugs! And of course everyone you invite will come, and so happy to be there for a million reasons. Suddenly your wedding becomes more of a dance of humanity than you ever expected.

A wedding rehearsal top of the Ski Basin with no masks.

Many couples are wanting to add a special honoring of the human community and the resilience, caring and helpfulness of family, friends and neighbors; as well as honoring in spirit loved ones who passed during this challenging time. Joyous humility seems to be the heartfelt feeling expressed, which I have noticed opens hearts ever more; an added gift of your wedding ceremony for you and your guests.

I have also noticed a deepening message of caring, thankfulness and pure appreciation for one's partner, expressed in their personally written vows read to each other, as well as more light hearted shared remembrances of being together 24/7. A more profound recognition of what it means to be together for real through experiences one never imagined.

Logistically of course, couples are still choosing outdoor venues if possible. And still having masks on the welcome table, for any guests who may be or feel vulnerable, as a way of letting all know that they honor everyone's personal preference in this.

I have also noticed larger guest lists with couples saying they want their wedding to be a family and friend reunion; a showing of great appreciation for everyone in their lives.

Some couples like to add a blessings as part of their personal welcome to their guest. Post Pandemic, this is a popular choice.

Let your presence be welcome, your hearts be glad. For everything there is a season. And a time and purpose for every matter under heaven. And this is the time and this is the place to celebrate the wedding of _________ and ________. We have come to do all those things, old and new, appropriate to such an occasion. To say solemn words to confirm a covenant. To recognize the place of family, friends and the human community.

To praise the Spirit of Life. To Laugh, To Cry, To Sing. May The Blessings Be!



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