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Additional Ministerial/Officiant Services I Offer for All Occasions in Tucson, AZ

TOAST COACHING – If you, your bestman, bestwoman, family, or friends need guidance on creating your meaningful, loving, engaging “toast” speech for the rehearsal dinner or wedding celebration, I can help. We will together put your heartfelt thoughts on paper and fine tune for concise fluidity and timing. You will be able to say exactly what you want to say. We will practice so that you will be more at ease and comfortable and will therefore enjoy the experience!


BABY NAMING – Many parents want to acknowledge and celebrate their child’s coming into the world and their family. The idea of a “Godparent” is still current for some without a religious ceremony. Together we create a special celebration, whether small or large. I like to image this as the parents (and Godparents, if included) stating their “intent” for the child. Set the vision of their commitment to care for and guide their child. We together create with your heartfelt intentions, including any other family members, cultural traditions and spiritual beliefs.


GRADUATION RECOGNITION – There is the actual graduation and then a party, large or small. You may want to acknowledge the graduate and their journey, past, present, future as part of this celebration in a more focused formal way. We together create the perfect recognition in thoughts, words and actions. The graduate may participate too. You may be the graduate!

This may be one of the most meaningful gifts to the graduate, and all who have been their support.


HOME CELEBRATION – Moving into a new home? Perhaps your first home. Perhaps a home where you will be raising a family. If you would like to create together a way of laying the spiritual foundation in appreciation of your new home, honoring your new life there, we can create a fun and meaningful way to celebrate this newness in your life. If you are building a home, we can also celebrate the land.


MEMORIALS – It is very personal the way you or your family want to honor a life lived. A memorial expressed with respect, truth, meaning, and compassion. I have created memorials not only with the beloved’s family, but also with the one who is leaving their physical life; as their memorial and what is said is important to them. “All” of one’s life is honored in celebration of the beautiful soul continuing It’s journey! I am happy to honor and celebrate the passing of pets too. To view more about my memorial services, please visit Compassionate Memorials of Tucson.

Contact me for more information on any of these services.

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