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Post Covid Weddings Re-Visited

Ok....guess we can't cozy up quite yet; like we thought we could a while ago!

I was reviewing my last blog Post Covid Weddings the other day and realized...Maybe not yet, even for the vaccinated. All changes so fast. So, I wanted to update on how I am noticing many couples are being flexible, honoring their safety and that of their guests.

Again, some couples are opting for a very small intimate wedding, with the idea of a larger one later or a celebratory party.

For those who have already cancelled their special day last year, and are committed to having their wedding exactly as planned, much contemplation is going into how they want to present to their guests their own feelings and personal ideas on how to take precautions. And some are wanting to leave it all up to their guests to decide for themselves. More guests are feeling supported in declining the invite if they feel vulnerable. Honoring this, one couple offered the option to come in person or watch a live stream that their videographer was happy to provide. They mentioned to me how relaxed friends and family were that they could choose this option and still "be there in love".

Another couple, with guests coming from various parts of the states, and a few from overseas, had a separate card in their invitation kindly requesting that their guests be vaccinated or tested prior to coming. They offered to pay for the test if it would be helpful.

And I have heard of couples who are willing to have a smaller wedding with only family and friends who are vaccinated.

As for masking, the same seems to apply. Each couple decides how they want to present the issue to their guests. The main point here is that the couple has contemplated this issue ahead of time and made their wishes clear. Their guests do not need to remain in a confusing wonder. And for guests who are more vulnerable to illness or those who are very concerned about covid safety, they can relax in knowing what to expect when they arrive. With constant changes, a couple added to their written invitation their website where guests could get the last minute update before coming.

I will say that at every wedding I have officiated during this pandemic, masks were made visibly available as well as hand sanitizer. The sensitivity of the issue is most important and the handling of it with kind respect for everyone's point of view.

In speaking with couples and their guests, I have come to respect the care and forethought they put into this added aspect of their wedding ceremony and reception. It is a good experience for the gracious, respectful forethought and flexibility that will be needed and refined for a successful marriage; for themselves and their relationship with family and friends.

May all be well with you and yours!



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