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Inspirational Wedding Ceremonies Spiraling Love All Around

Creating and Officiating over 1000 weddings, in these 30 years of serving couples in Santa Fe NM and Tucson AZ, I have seen and experienced so many beautiful momentary affirmations of this "Love Matrix" expressed spiraling into Mother Nature's Grace.

Photo by: Twin Lens

While reciting the Native American Apache Blessing, which we added to the beautifully created personal wedding ceremony, a Hawk suddenly circles overhead to the amazement of us all. Added to this wedding wonder is the groom's eyes, like a Hawk, not leaving his wife's gazing upward in acknowledgment of the obvious gift!

I am not quite sure how to put this into words to truly express what I have been honored to sense during wedding ceremonies, however I will try, especially for those of you contemplating creating your wedding ceremony.

In my opinion, one of the most important services you are paying for and wanting in your wedding minister/officiant is the ability to hear you, listen, ask the questions and get the feel of how you want to express your love,  your relationship and your vision of marriage; as well as the flavor or unique aura you want to flow as your marriage ceremony. All this is something to "catch" or to be "read between the lines"; these type phrases. When the time, conversation, sharing and creating is heartfelt and fully participated in, you will be surprised when the actual words are expressed on your wedding day.

What I mean by this, is that the words will be you, your images.  You will hear what you know to be true, just for you. Your song will be sung. No surprises in the verbiage. A relaxing into the phrases, while you look into each other's eyes. Something happens with this, going beyond the words. This is what I have experienced as the officiant expressing the couple's chosen words while observing their presence. All just spirals, and many times Nature hears and gathers to celebrate with a hawk flying over, a sudden rainbow, an unexpected church bell ringing, the sun uncovered by the clouds, a coyote stopping by. Oh the list goes on!

What your wedding ceremony expresses is important. The time, contemplation, and experienced help from your wedding officiant is very important; if your interest is to have your wedding be expressive of who you are as a couple, and honor all you have been, are, and will be.

I think the best way I can describe the sense I experience at weddings while officiating is, "When two in love are gathered in Love (the words of the ceremony, intent of the minister/officiant and guests) there Love is also." And, in a spectacular way; if you have the "Eyes to see and the Ears to hear." May you catch this too as you create your personal unique wedding ceremony, and stand together on your wedding day expressing your love.

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