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If at the last minute you realize Harry or Sally really wanted to be a part of your wedding...

Well it can happen! You are at the rehearsal dinner with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family and close friends, and now you realize that one or two of your dear friends or family members are really "hurt" they were not included as a part of your wedding ceremony. You had no idea they felt this way until now.  Here is a consideration.  In New Mexico and many other states, two witnesses are required to sign the marriage license. Generally, but not always, the witnesses are your maid of honor and best man, however, you might "save" requesting the witnesses until the day of your ceremony, or even after your ceremony, and ask the one or two of your friends or family, who you now realize feel a bit "left out", to sign your marriage license.  Now they feel included and you feel you were able to honor them in a special way.

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